Moroccan Blend (Ras el Hanout)


Ras el Hanout translates from Arabic to "top of the shop", meaning the best the spice merchant has to offer. This is certainly true with our blend: with over twenty ingredients, a subtle balance is achieved forming a full-bodied seasoning. We've sourced rare and hard-to-find spices like grains or paradise, long pepper, cubebs and rosebuds to give our blend a spicy, rich aroma and deep complex flavour. It is excellent sprinkled on to fish or chicken before pan-frying, grilling or baking to impart an exotic spicy flavour and rich, golden colour. Ras el Hanout is the classic Moroccan blend for couscous dishes, tagine cooking and grilled lamb.


65g - size: 4oz tin (volume)

No Salt.