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Each of the spice collections features 7 fresh exotic spices in metal canisters with labelled lids and sides. A description of each spice is included with suggested uses, tips and recipes. The spice collections are beautifully packaged in embossed tins. The Asian collection includes:

This powerful blend of spices includes cinnamon, cloves, fennel, szechuan pepper and ginger. Try adding a teaspoon or two with a half cup of liquid (water, wine or stock) to flavour a stir-fry. It’s also an interesting addition to fruit desserts.


From the dried bark of the cassia tree, it is similar to cinnamon, but with a more robust flavour, appropriate for combining with the intensity of other Asian spices. Cassia is also known as Chinese cinnamon.

Galangal has the peppery hotness of ginger but not the sweetness. Use it to flavour Indonesian sambals or in fish dishes with coconut milk. Also known as laos (Indonesian) and kha (Thailand).

Unlike ordinary citrus leaves, kaffir lime leaves have a pronounced flavour and fragrance that combines well with rich coconut milk and hot chili spices. Very good with fish

Essential to Thai cooking, this aromatic grass has a small bulbous root with a light lemonlike flavour and aroma that mixes well with strong Asian spices. One teaspoon of our powdered lemon grass is equal to one stalk of fresh.

From the Szechuan province of China, this mildly hot spice comes from the prickly ash tree. Though not related to the peppercorn family, Szechuan berries resemble black peppercorns, but contain a tiny seed. Szechuan pepper has a distinctive flavor and fragrance, slightly reminiscent of camphor. Szechuan pepper is also known as fagara, sansho and Sichuan pepper. Dry roast before using.

This dried, star-shaped fruit grows on small evergreen trees in China and Vietnam. Its smokey, licorice flavour makes it a distinctive ingredient in Chinese braised dishes and Malaysian curries. Or, use it as a garnish.


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