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Each of the spice collections features 7 fresh exotic spices in metal canisters with labelled lids and sides. A description of each spice is included with suggested uses, tips and recipes. The spice collections are beautifully packaged in embossed tins. The Mexican Collection includes:

The slightly musky-flavoured seed of the annatto tree is also called annatto seed. It is used for both colouring and flavouring food, usually as a base of seasoning pastes for meat and fish dishes.


The rich, mild, slightly fruit-flavoured ancho (hints of raisin and plum) is the sweetest of the dried chiles. It is a basic ingredient for many Mexican sauces.

Dry-roasted cumin has a full-bodied, nutty flavour that is complementary to Mexican cooking. It combines well with other herbs and spices for rubs and blends for roasting or braising.

Canella is the softer cinnamon bark from Ceylon. It has a more delicate flavour than the darker, stronger bark from Malabar.

This hot chile is actually a dried, smoked jalapeno. It has a wrinkled, dark brown skin and a smoky, sweet, almost chocolate flavour. Use sparingly to add heat and an exquisite smokey flavour to a soup, salsa or sauce.

Epazote is a pungent herb with pointed serrated leaves, a native of tropical America. Epazote is essential for making Mexican bean dishes, with a unique flavour best described as aromatic and pungent, slightly citrus and bitter.

Mexican oregano has a considerably stronger flavour (with more anise flavour) than its European cousin. It is very aromatic and sweet smelling, combining well with chiles, cilantro and epazote.

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