Spice Collection: Indian


Each of the spice collections features 7 fresh exotic spices in metal canisters with labelled lids and sides. A description of each spice is included with suggested uses, tips and recipes. The spice collections are beautifully packaged in embossed tins. The Indian Collection includes:

Unripe mangoes are dried and ground to make a powder which is used to give a sour tang to many dishes including meats, vegetables and curries. It is also called simply mango powder.


Black cumin (kali jeera) is a rare variety, smaller and sweeter than regular cumin. Preferred in Northern India for meat dishes (kormas) and rice dishes (biryani). It is also known as Imperial cumin, refering to its popularity with visiting Moghul emperors.

When roasted, fenugreek seed tastes vaguely like maple syrup. Its pleasant bitter flavour lends itself to curry blends, chutneys and rich vegetarian stews.

A blend of several strongly aromatic spices designed to add flavour and fragrance to many Indian dishes. It also often used as a garnish. The literal Hindi translation of garam masala is “hot spices”.

This aromatic spice has a warm, spicy-sweet flavour. Cardamom seeds may be removed from the pods and ground, or the entire pod may be fried in ghee or oil for several minutes to release its oils. Usually cardamom is added before a dish’s other ingredients are browned. The pod is quite bitter and should be discarded after frying.

Panch phoron is a Bengal classic mixture of five spices; cumin, black cumin, mustard, fenugreek and fennel seeds. It is rarely ground, though should either be toasted or fried in oil before using in vegetable dishes and chutneys.

Turmeric, or haldi, is a pungent underground root. Ground turmeric is used to flavour and colour curries: its brilliant yellow colour gives an appetizing look to a dish. Don’t over do it with turmeric, a quarter teaspoon is often enough to flavour an entire dish.

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